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Most marketing training courses show that the never fail system for creating a business online is picking your own niche. Start building a list, ask the list what they want and then go and grab an affiliate product. There are different ways you can market other people’s affiliate products. Make sure that it sells, that they’re going to buy whatever avenue you’re going to go down.

Once you’ve proven that, then you create your own product, for example your own line of SEO products and you do it that little bit better. That is the perfect system. Frank Kern talked about this recently; he had a video out, that is the never fail system. Is there money in the back end? I did an interview recently with a guy called Jim Fleck. He’s one of those old school direct response people. He’s been around back with Dan Kennedy, Jeff Paul and all of those guys. He’s been around for a million years.

During our discussion the other day he shared the common thinking of other people that there is money in the back end. In addition to this idea, I said that you got to have the right numbers. However, what he made realize is that the focus should be on the front end. Creating an automated back end system for product generation is best. Afterwards, create a link that will allow you to shift your attention across. As what you would learn from most marketing training courses, you got to find out the value of your client. With appropriate information, you will be able to trace how much you sold for a specific span of time and the number of clients you had.

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This is the formula to get the value of that client. When you get to see how much they are worth, you can ask yourself the question on the amount you could spend to gain these clients. From here, swing your focus onto lead generation. Ensure your back end then focus on the lead generation of the front end. Be ready with the distinct ways to come up with the specific measures.

Some hot tips from me: competition is good. A lot of people get scared off by competition for example in the local search marketing or SEO services industry. Don’t try and find a niche that nobody is in. If nobody’s in it, there is no money to be made. I don’t think you’re going to stumble across something that someone hasn’t seen before. I went after a very competitive niche, the stock market, and I’ve done very well out of it. Go for competition, that is where the money is.

Know that high tickets can be sold as quickly as low tickets. At times, it is a lot easier to sell the former. There is not much difference between selling an $8,000 SEO package and a $17 e book of the same topic. Any of marketing training courses or internet marketing consultant will tell you that this could be possible if you are dealing with clients of higher quality. They are unlikely to go for the $17 or $30 or other lower amount. If you have the means to sell higher ticket stuff, then go for it.

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