Landing Page Testing – Making The Most Out Of Your Webpages

Google Analytics is one of the tools that you could start installing once you decide to do some landing page testing. Through it you can view the site overlay, find out what people are clicking and things that they’re finding the most important in your site or SEO blog. The first step to do is drag it up to the top left hand corner. The eye is also attracted to a little laptop screen. Therefore, the space underneath it should be filled with useful text. This is a clear picture of how an e-commerce site must be constructed. It shows you where your eyes are going from one spot to another.

Make everything as easy as possible for the viewers as they could be very lazy. Our SEO services found out as part of our landing page testing measures that it is important to delete some unnecessary navigation steps. The more steps there are, the lower conversion rate your site will gain. The more time they spend scrolling down your site to search for something, chances are you will lose them. Having the wrong font can also affect their interest in your site. Whatever you do in your site, keep in mind that it is all for the easy-reading of your visitors. Make the words big enough for them to see. Never hide them from the reader’s site. Easy access on their part is the key for your site’s success.

Don’t bury the sale price and think that’s going to somehow keep me on the page. Their idea is, oh, I want them to read all the content first, I’ll let that do the selling and then once they’re sold, then I’ll mention the price. Sometimes I’ll just visit a page, I’ll scroll down straight to the price and then I’ll want to see what it is. Don’t hide it from me, make things as easy as possible. I think anyone can relate to that if they’ve been doing any small business internet marketing for a little while now.

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How to drive traffic to your website is another factor. This means good website scent is important. It is like leading your website users exactly where to go. It’s almost like you drop some breadcrumbs and get them to follow those breadcrumbs deeper into your site. There is something for them to follow in. Users of e-commerce sites feel happy whenever they get closer and closer to their goal, to the things that they are searching for in the particular website that they are in. They feel even happier when they do not have to go through a lot to arrive there.

From an e commerce point of view, your landing page testing might start off broad. They click on their category, I want band t-shirts. Ok, that is my first step, I’ve narrowed my search. The next step, now I’ve clicked on Metallica, I’ve narrowed my search even more. Now I’m left with the final step, which is a range of t-shirts for me to choose. It’s that idea, a user wants to feel like they’re making progress. If they don’t feel like they’re making progress, that’s another way that you will lose them. That applies more so to e commerce than it does to some of the other things.

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