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When I start to work with building a client’s website up usually to increase website sales if you’re a local business, there are certain areas I’ll have tabs for. If you have a look on Melbourne SEO Services, that’s what we’ve got: a home page, a services page, a client’s page which is a little bit of a testimonials type page and the About page which tells your story, the Contact page and then a blog on the back end.

On the default page, generally I love to make the first area that I’ll capture the lead. I can encourage them to sign up for their free white paper, I could introduce the concept of what our product and service offers like internet marketing reviews. I’ll usually do that through video and then a little bit of supporting text beneath it. Then I should have a services page. You could just have one services page that lists all of the services that you do and then later on you will look at building out individual pages for each service.

The way the Google works, we want to make sure that each page should only be optimized for one keyword and would meet basic website business requirements. When we first assign keywords to these top level pages, you want to go for your big money phrases, the ones that say, these are getting lots of searches. Then you add your modifier in front: for example, Melbourne SEO Services, ISO Consultant Melbourne and then you make sure that those big money phrases get optimized for each one of those pages. You might have individual pages for the services.

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Jump over and have a look at Melbourne S.E.O Services. If you follow this same kind of structure, for most enterprises, this can work. We have services like optimize press review and aweber review, clients and we have got the workshop in up the top there and the About Us.

The About Us is critical, you need to position yourself as the expert, tell your story and increase website sales. People don’t do business with other enterprises, they do business with folks. They would like to connect with the people, so when you go to Melbourne SEO Services and you navigate round, it’s all about connecting and building up who I Am and what it is that we offer. You need to do that on your About Us page also.

There are subtle things that you might not even notice as an internet entrepreneur; we’re constantly doing branding. The colours we use are matching our logo at the top. There are a few subtle little things like that which all ties in and gives it a polished look.

The way that I should structure this is if we think about our main money phrase, it’s going to be your default page. You may optimise your home page for that first keyword. So work out what your largest product and service is that you are going to be offering, then you put your keyword modifier in front and that is what you will optimise page one for, your home page.

Then you’ve got the 2nd tier pages which are your About, your services, your testimonials, those sorts of things. What you need to do at this point, you may think, what are my other big goods and services? Even though the About Us page won’t be to do with that product and service, I’ll still optimize that page for that to increase website sales as you optimise it for increased traffic.

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