How To Provide Cutting-Edge Website SEO Services To Your Clients

I have my personal blog as an internet marketer and internet marketing consultant because I want to run my business effectively. I make sure we have a summary of our website SEO services promotion. Let’s say we have forty articles submitted to Ezine, our Directory Maximizer, Content Crooner, blog networks, YouTube videos and backlinks from Market Samurai.

SEO version for SEO companies may be needed to white label SEO reports. We this you can charge a little bit of premium price. With that you can give out discounts.

All the keywords that we use to optimize the pages for are kept listed. One column here is for the links. The next column is for the keywords we are targeting for each of the links used for website SEO services. We have this record for our back link building process. All the assistants refer to these spreadsheets for their tasks. In these sheets, they would know what to embed in the SEO blog services, into the resource boxes and to the other parts of the websites promoted. These spreadsheets are like a common place visited by all assistants.

Then once you want to take it up a little bit of a level depending on where you’re at, then we start to highlight the green ones and the green ones that we give preference to. So these are the ones where I do some research and I look at a domain name and I say, here is a keyword that is bringing more web traffic to our website but it’s not in position number one yet. So I want to now target these keywords to drag them up to the top. Then we focus our link building on that particular area. So everything above the line on the spreadsheet has everything to do with what’s going on the website.

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Then below that is everything that is off the website. So we record the link to all of our Ezine articles that have been submitted, the date that they’ve been submitted, who submitted them and the keywords that were targeted. From this sheet what we can then do, a lot of people don’t promote the promoters and this is from an SEO point of view, we then, when we’re doing things to blog networks and blog submissions, we will promote our Ezine articles.

On some of the websites, I will also start to highlight green in Ezine articles. The way that I determine which ones I want to rank on Ezine articles are usually the ones getting the most views. I want to send a little bit more love to the ones that are already getting the most views.

Under that area, we have the list of YouTube videos. When it comes to YouTube videos, we do the same process. Most people fail to benefit from website SEO services using these videos. When it comes to sending links to pages, bear in mind to look for pages that are already diving traffic to your website or already having many views but not on the top spot yet.

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