How To Have A Successful Online KEYWORD Research

An easy way to do some online keyword research using the Google free keyword tool is just by knocking out the 500,000+searches in the competition. That’s one way to do it and then rank it based on searches. If you want to be a little bit more advanced and take it a little bit deeper, do that first just like what SEO specialists do.

Select the keywords that you will pursue. Be sure to map them out. Plan what you are going to do next with your chosen keywords. Firstly, key them in the Google search bar to see how the competition is doing using these keywords. Observe how competitive the keyword phrase is and the opportunities you can make out this specific phrase.

In connection to what practice in our SEO services, what I’ll do is, I’ll do a search, let’s say for ballet dancing within Google. Have a look what the competition is, using the domain Who is tool you can find out how old the domain name is. That plays a part in ranking factors in connection to your online keyword research. You can also have a look at the page rank. I use Firefox. I’ve stopped using Internet Explorer, it’s a buggy piece of software. Firefox is a lot better. They’ve got this plug in called Search Status which is that thing in the top left hand corner. There are a few cool things in there, one of which is it will tell you what the page rank is for the website.

When I try a new market, I always look at the first page of the search engine result pages. Then, I look at the person behind the website that is on top. Here you can see it ranks fourth among the pages. Then, I look at the last website on this page too. Their page rank is third or fourth. I don’t mind so much though if I go into a phrase and then the first one is PR6 but then it drops off really quickly. The indication of how much competition there is in the search material is the speed at which the page rank drops off. That is something you keep an eye on when you are aiming for a good page rank.

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This is the ideal means to know what your competition is up to by observing the features of their websites. Use the following questions as your guide. Have they done the basics? Do they pay attention to their on page optimization? These are just the basics of SEO promotion for a local business website or small business internet marketing. On page optimization is just SEO 101. To know the number of webpages that are indexed, you can check it out in Yahoo. Take advantage of the Yahoo! Site Explorer.

You can also have a look at the number of back links to a particular website. The way that you do that is with the Yahoo! Site Explorer as well. It’s got two options right up at the top. You can have how many pages are indexed. For index I’ll use Google. I’ll use Google to see how many pages are indexed and then for the number of back links I’ll use the Yahoo! Site Explorer. All these, are still related to your online keyword research.

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