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The title given to the latest IM-related products such as CBCash Grenade, which is reviewed here, are chosen to make certain they are noticed. Having said that, Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson have been in the internet marketing scene for some time and are the product’s creators. This affiliate marketing training is set up to be suitable for both for novices or more experienced marketers. There are numerous affiliate marketing products on the market, so this article will look at how CBCash Grenade compares.

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Fifteen videos with written transcripts of the content make up the material for this training course. It is fair to mention that the first five modules are more suited to a newbie marketer in looking at research and explaining some of the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. However, there is always something you can learn from having a look at these and you might want to do the exercise in the third module. If you would like to discover what financially free means for you, then this will present how to compute that. Researching your market is going to be covered in greater detail by the time you make it to the sixth module.

In affiliate marketing, how you obtain traffic is essential and the next section of the training course looks at techniques to get you quick results. There are videos on how to obtain traffic from list building and also article and video marketing. In case you want to know, these may well be methods that you have not heard of before. There are examples where investing a small amount of money is called for but this helps to speed up your progress. At times, it is wise not to follow the crowd and try out more cutting edge tactics.

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The following step is to look at actually paying for ads to generate traffic. As this is an area you would probably not get involved in when just getting started, it makes sense that these are the final few videos. Adverts in Gmail is perhaps something you have not heard of before and this is part of this section as well as the ever increasing presence of Facebook ads. Media and contextual advertising is the topic of the final video on paying for traffic. This is explored in some detail as you need a certain level of knowledge to do it.

There is one separate module that stands alone in this online training course and is aimed at giving you a way for making quick cash. The idea behind the method is to give you first page rankings for competitive terms in a short time. It may be short-lived but hopefully you will generate some cash quickly. You will need to invest some work in over a period of forty eight hours but you don’t have anything to lose as it is a free method to try.

If you put CBCash Grenade to work, you can be a prosperous affiliate marketer whether you are just getting started or have been online for many years.

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