Most new Global Domains International members have two questions in mind. Namely they will wonder how they can get their business up and running in as little time as possible, and also whether working from home is really possible in their situation.

First of all, let’s look at the options you have as a new GDI member.

* Your GDI marketing system. If you don’t have one, it is important you get one. We’ll show you why and how to to get one at the end.

* The earnings opportunity. Within Global Domains International lies a massive opportunity to change your financial life. As a GDI member, you have full access to it. And last but not least..

* Your Global Domains International services. You’re paying for a quality service as a GDI member and they provide you with one. That’s what makes GDI work. You receive your own website, which you can use for whatever you wish. This opens up a further income stream, allowing you to take any hobby and turn it into an income.

There are so many different methods to build an income via Global Domains International. Over the last four years we have built a great income with it’s affiliate plan as well as using our GDI products to turn our hobby into a full time income.

The three point reference tree above shows you the basics to take into consideration when joining Global Domains International. Doing those three things will ensure you hit the ground running but will also ensure that you start thinking about your GDI business in the correct mindset, which is very important.

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Set two goals, one long term goal and one short term goal. By short term, of course, we do not mean ‘this time next week…’ Becoming successful in any home business takes time. Look to work at either your GDI affiliate business or turning your hobby into an income for at least six months, the same way you would starting your business in the offline world.

Global Domains International is so lucrative that it has been known to attract the ‘wrong’ type of affiliate from time to time. The type of person who believes that just because a business is online all they need to to is join and do nothing. The truth is, just like in the real world, if you really wish to become your own boss and make money online you need to work at your business. Online you have a far wider playing field which makes it incredibly easy to get results, however you still must be willing to push yourself or you won’t see results.

Getting a GDI marketing system is a sure fire way to hit the ground running providing you do it right. For every great downline building system you’ll also find a dozen claiming that you will make money for doing nothing. Ignore that type of gimmick, as it will only attract the wrong type of affiliates to your business and tarnish your reputation as a GDI sponsor. A serious marketing system should include capture pages and auto responder software to follow up leads for you, training materials, and so on. This is the first port of call when getting your Global Domains International business started.

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Writer: Today’s video to help you locate your best home based business was provided by Russ Howe, who made a full time income in 20 weeks with Global Domains International.

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