As much as you tell yourself that you must be prepared for the long-term journey if you are attempting to become your own boss, it can be difficult to avoid getting sucked into the barrage of marketing systems that claim to put you on a fast track to success. Companies like Empower Network, for instance, are populated by many affiliates who have banked on a team or system to help them get results.

Your first instincts were correct, of course. Many affiliates steer themselves off the road to success by trying to find a so-called short cut.

But if it’s too good to be true, why are there so many training systems out there?

You will see why when you look at the cold, hard facts of the online business landscape. Despite the glorious picture painted by opportunities as they try to secure your membership, over 80% of network marketing companies go out of business during their first year online. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the things they post on their websites, but most businesses are struggling to attract new members and retain the ones they already have. You could argue that over 95% of businesses in the high street fail, therefore making the internet the superior choice when it comes to becoming your own boss. However, the statistics are still poor.

These facts can be driven home even further by looking at the failure statistics of entrepreneurs using the internet as their main source of income. If you are working as an affiliate within a network marketing opportunity right now, you may be shocked to hear that over 90% of your colleagues are not making any money at all. It only took so long before certain network marketers began questioning why they would work with an affiliate program and struggle when they had a much bigger opportunity on the table. The thinking behind this method certainly makes sense when you look at the statistics. That opportunity, of course, is training other network marketers.

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If you think about it for a few moments, you can see why they did this. Over 90% of affiliate marketers are not seeing results. Many of them don’t know how to market their business correctly and aren’t getting any kind of help from their sponsors. Perhaps their sponsors are facing similar problems or perhaps they are keeping all of their ‘secrets’ to themselves, one thing remains blatantly clear – most people are failing and need help. [

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By providing a system to these struggling affiliates there is a huge opportunity to make money. Why work with an affiliate program when most of them fail? Why not cash in on the opportunity and work with every single struggling affiliate marketer, which is over 90% of the industry, surely this represents a bigger earning opportunity? This is the thinking behind these systems and, in theory, it does make a lot of sense.

Of course, this is the real world and you should expect that there are downfalls to any plan. There are so many of these systems available now that many of them have begun installing affiliate plans of their own. This is to allow their members to earn a commission for introducing other members. They do this, of course, because it means their members will promote their service for them in a bid to earn a slice of the pie each month. It’s also down to the fact that they want to get themselves established as the top dogs in their niche,with so many other systems claiming to do the same thing. It doesn’t take long for this marketing to get out of control, with many systems promising a seemingly easy ride.

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You could argue that anybody who sees a training system as an easy way out deserves to be misled because they failed to take their business seriously enough. However, that’s not realistic. So many people are tricked into buying training that they simply do not need because many network marketers are preying on their frustration at their own lack of results. They feel like they can’t achieve success on their own, so they buy into systems which claim to teach them secret formulas.

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