If you are purchasing and installing new windows and doors in your home, you must be aware as to why you should use a FENSA certified window installer. Only an installation that is done by someone who is certified will come with the greatest protection for consumers. Every homeowner in the United Kingdom should know about this and should choose to have their home and any upgrades done in a way that is compliant.

The Fenestration self-assessment scheme was designed by the glazing and glass industries as well as other industries in the United Kingdom to make sure contract work and products comply with the laws without the need for local building authorities to come to the location and certify individually. It is a program that saves time and money for all involved parties and it allows homeowners to get an energy efficient, quality product and work.

Heat loss is a common problem with older windows and also with windows that have not been properly fitted and installed. Homes can lose a significant amount of heating in the colder months due to inefficient windows. Glass products and the way that they are fitted should be able to hold up against a test that determines a rating for the efficiency.

The United Kingdom created these regulations to ensure communities and buildings within the communities have high, modern standards. Work done to homes and other buildings must meet a certain standard of quality in order to meet current local codes from the building authorities. Homeowners should always choose a trusted, certified window fitter.

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Any windows that a homeowner or property owner decides to have replaced must then be replaced with an equal or better piece of glass. The openings cannot be made smaller and they must be the same measurements as the outgoing window. Choosing a FENSA registered business will ensure that you are going to have compliant glass and installation.

There are many benefits to choosing a certified installer. You are going to save yourself time, money, and stress because you will not need to go to the local building regulations authority and apply for a certificate. You can have confidence that your windows will meet all regulations and so there is simply no need to arrange anything with the local officials at any time.

FENSA is trusted by industries, businesses, consumers, and most importantly, the government. Today there are thousands of businesses working with FENSA all over the United Kingdom so be sure to check for the official logo. Have confidence that as a consumer you are receiving the proper double glazed panels and that they will be fitted exactly as they should be by the contractors.

Why you should use a FENSA certified window installer must be clear by now. You can check this out online and if you suspect that your contractor may be lying, or that they may be a rogue cowboy, you can notify the authority on the web. Look for the standard logo on the glass and on the contractor’s home information pack and you can also ask to see their certificate. Make the best choice when replacing or installing windows and glass.

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Get more details and information about how to choose an FENSA certified sash windows London installer now! The skilled professionals will give you the solutions you need for replacement wooden windows today!

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