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Again, working online requires several things, including self and mind control.  As an associate business owner.  You might not get or earn much money at start, but it’s better than nothing.  Before you start this associate marketing home based business, I suggest and advice you to open a separate bank account.  This is for  tax purposes and to manage your income properly.

Do something every day to advance your major purpose.  Improve or repair your existing business, if you don’t have one you just found one today, this is the only available and tested home based business that work.  Before you proceed, let me confirm that we are on the same page by asking you some simple questions.


A. Are you ready to become your own boss working from home and at my own time?

B. Are you tired of the regular 9 – 5 PM routing (In some countries, it 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM)?

C. Do you feel like operating your own business from the comfort of my home?

D. Do you wish to control your own schedule and spend more time with your loved ones? Especially wife and children? Buy what I want and when I want it?

E. Are you ready to stop living from paycheck to paycheck? But rather make money while asleep?

F. Do you want more money in your social security deposit to secure your future? ? Most important

If you answer Yes to any of these questions, then send me an email for a free blue print on how to get out of your present situation.


“I finally found a home based business, one that actually works, I have made it”


… those were the exact words that came out of my mouth that day, the day I actually discovered the secret to the home based business, the one that sure works!  Although it involves a little bit of hard input to start off but then you will get back a high level of output (500% of your input), after some time.  Trust me it is worth your troubles.

Turn $5.00 to $1000 Monthly

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“If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, Crawl but by all means keep moving”   – Rev. DR. Martin Luther King Jnr.

As I mentioned earlier, running an associate business and associate marketing business is a good and lucrative business and demand you to pay taxes, in your country of residence, so make sure you have a separate account for your associate marketing for proper accountability and also for tax purposes.  If you live in the USA, the last thing you need is the government coming after you for unpaid taxes.  So for your sanity sake and to protect your future, if you live in the USA, please open a separate account for this associate marketing business as you are guaranteed to earn money, …if you follow the blueprint.  For those of you who already have a job, please don’t quit your day job, at least not yet! Not until you are sure of making as much as $200-$500 daily.  I personally still work full time, my internet associate business is as a result of my hobby, and I only operate it part time.  I still work full time as an engineer.

You might be wondering how did an engineer get to be in the online associate business, and associate marketing business?  I started internet associate marketing because of my curiosity.   I was very nosy and always want to know how things work, both offline and online.  If you are like me, I like challenge.  If anybody can make something online, so can I.  I am egocentric and very heady.  I love challenges, and I strongly believe that is how I ended up with this part time career.  That was my turning point.   Before I continue with this blueprint or how-to-manual, if you are in debt and need some quick cash, you can read about this quickie-5-ways-to-make-1000-in-the-next-30-days .  It’s no joke, I used it myself and it worked.  At least I have some cash to maintain my car and gas.  You need patience, dedication and perseverance to make anything positive happen in life.  Please don’t give up.

Before you read on about the associate online marketing home based business, I would like to make some things very clear.  THIS IS NOT A PUSH BUTTON GET RICH QUICK BLUEPRINT – THERE IS NO BUTTON THAT BRINGS YOU MONEY OVERNIGHT!. If you are hoping to become a billionaire overnight using my associate business or associate marketing blueprint, then you are on the wrong web page and please back off now!.  Once again, I’ll repeat myself “this is not a get right quick blueprint and please do not quit your day job …at least not yet” .  You need money to buy lots of software and tools to progress, you need money to pay your rent, to take care of your kids, maintain your car (If you have one), pay your mortgage, take care of your family and many more uses for money.  Be sure of the steady income you are generating from this associate business and associate marketing blueprint before you can stand on your feet by yourself.  If you do this right, and follow the blueprint I followed, you could be walking out of your old job and working for yourself  in no time.  And, you need to understand that as many other business out there, you need to invest both time and money to get something out of nothing.  You will have the freedom to work and earn income out of your own home or out of a rented office, or from a coffee spot, or from anywhere that has Internet connection.

Internet marketing, especially associate business and associate marketing is becoming increasing popular and should be an added source of income for those that love their jobs, not a replacement.  As for myself, it’s an additional income because I love being a computer engineer, and if you are as smart as myself; and you love what you do, you’ll keep your day job.  If you don’t have a job, congratulations; as you just found one today.

“I will not waste your time, I’ll simply go straight to the point.  Making money online needs a complete check list.  Download my sample checklist.  Like everything else in life, we need to plan.  Planning requires time, and time is what most people have but don’t know how to manage.”

In consecutive chapters and pages, I described all what I tried, what worked for me and what wasted my time.  We all have 24 hours in a day.  How you use your 24 hours is your priority.  Associate business and associate marketing worked for me from the start of my adventure into the marketing world.  What works for you could be different, so it’s your call either to follow what worked for me.  The bottom line here is to earn a steady income and be proud of yourself.  It worked for me because I followed my plan strictly.  Again, if you are like me, I don’t give up, I never give up what I do.  You should always stay focused.  I practice what I preach, I stay focused on three business models – affiliate revenue models – specifically associate business and associate marketing, editorial content and sales revenue model.

What’s next?  Read on.

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