Are You In A Hurry?

In A Hurry to Make Money?

I get it! You are in a hurry to start making money online right now.  The simplest and easiest way to start making money online right now is through what is called CPA; – Cost Per Action.  Cost per action is when you present offer(s) to online visitors with the aim of getting them to perform actionable orders.  A more detailed explanation can be found at PeerFly.

About CPA

Cost Per Action or CPA (sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA; also Cost Per Conversion) is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action (a purchase, a form submission, and so on) linked to the advertisement.  Direct response advertisers consider CPA the optimal way to buy online advertising, as an advertiser only pays for the ad when the desired action has occurred. An action can be a product being purchased, a form being filled, etc. The desired action to be performed is determined by the advertiser. Radio and TV stations also sometimes offer unsold inventory on a cost per action basis, but this form of advertising is most often referred to as “per inquiry.”

Below is a list of some CPA affiliate networks:

  1. Amazon Associates – One of the oldest affiliate marketing/cost per action network available on the internet.  Amazon Associates earn as much as 15% in referral.  Just in case you have not heard about Amazon, go here to read more about it.
  2.  Commission Junction – CJ is one of the oldest and popular affiliate networks. You can find thousands of affiliate products and services to promote from pay per lead to pay per sale. CJ is ValueClick Company which is leader in online advertisement market.
  3. AzoogleAds – AzoogleAds is another trusted name which is running affiliate network from last 10 years with 45,000+ it is one of the biggest CPA affiliate network.
  4. Clickbooth – Clickbooth is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks. As an affiliate you have lots of product and services to promote. They have lot of advertisers on various categories.
  5. OneNetworkDirect – If you are good in selling software then OneNetworkDirect is for you. You can sell software from leading software developers. You can promote those product by using there coupon code.
  6. ClickBank – Sell products from biggest digital market place. ClickBank is largest market place for selling digital products from eBooks, software to online services. You can earn up to 75% commission selling products.  Click here to check it out.
  7. Rextopia – If you love pay per lead then Rextopia is for you. There are plenty of PPL program on various categories like Freebies, Surveys, Health etc. I found them very good on paying affiliate payments on time.
  8. Link Connector – Another oldest affiliate network with hundreds of affiliate product to sell. There are some great advertisers promoting PPS and PPL programs.  Find out more about the benefits of becoming a LeadConnector Merchant
  9. MaxBounty – MaxBounty if one of my favorite affiliate network. They have lot of pay per lead programs for most of the countries. Conversions of the programs are very good. They have good timely payment record.
  10. Neverblue – Neverblue is leading affiliate network from long time. They have great network with great programs to promote. They are from long time in this business.
  11. RegNow – RegNow is part of Digital River oneNetwork. This is software affiliate network where you can find over 25000 software titles to sell with the affiliate commissions up to 75%.
  12. ShareASale – This is a 10 year old affiliate network and most of us know ShareASale. They have lots of affiliate program from PPL and PPS. They are many popular advertisers on ShareASale. This is great network but not popular as CJ or other.
  13. Roi Rocket – Roi Rocket is a focused pay per action affiliate network. They have some great CPL programs, they also help publishers to increase there sales. Good network with timely payouts.
  14. Axill – Axill is fastest growing affiliate network. They have network in 3 countries like US, UK and India. They have CPA and CPM programs from same platform.
  15. Adjump – Adjump was previously known as OurFreeStuff. If you like pay per lead program which have little signup form like paid surveys etc then you will find many affiliate programs on Adjump. They also pay affiliate commissions on time thru check or PayPal.
  16. Link Share – Link Share is another affiliate network which is working from long time. They have affiliate program in almost every category. There are many popular products to sell this give you more chance to earn.
  17. pepperjamNETWORK – Pepperjam is working in affiliate marketing network since 1999. They are popular affiliate network with popular advertisers. They have good support and on time payment record.
  18. Panthera Network – If you love to promote CPL program where you get paid when visitors send by you join that program for free then you can find many programs like this on Panthera Network.
  19. RevResponse – RevResponse is great new model of affiliate marketing. There are various programs which offer free products to download and affiliate earn fixed cost per lead.
  20. Inuvo – inuvo is another CPA affiliate network. They have new affiliate platform which is very easy to use and you can easily access products and reports.

This is not an exhaustive list.  More will be added as soon as they are reviewed.

Get Started.  Make Money From CPA – Cost Per Action

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