Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are not what is used to be. Way back in the 1980’s when the personal computer became popular and was actually revolutionizing the way that companies did business. Since computers and mainframes were becoming a standard for most industries, a lot of information on paper files had to be imported into the online mainframe databases and since there were so many files that had to be migrated online, companies had to create dozens of data entry jobs and hire data entry clerks to do all of this manual work.

Of course, back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, data entry jobs were very popular and one could get paid a very HIGH hourly rate of $10-$20 per hour back then to do this privileged, and high-level task.

BEWARE: Don’t get scammed by data entry jobs that will cost you a fortune. There are lots of scam artists out there just preying on your lack of knowledge. My name is Lapo and I’m here to give you the TRUTH about which programs are the legitimate ones you need to be involved in, so that you can save time, money, and frustration! Follow me as we get started.

What are Data Entry jobs today?

You’ve seen the ads like these:
“Data Entry Jobs Available”
“Data Entry Clerks Wanted To Work From Home”
“Do Data Entry And Get Paid $20 An Hour”
“Get Paid To Type”
“Get Paid $3500/Week To Fill Out Forms”
“Make Money Typing At Home”
….blah blah blah

They’re all over the Google and Yahoo search results, they’re in all of the national tabloid magazines, and I also see them in Pennysaver and Thrifty Nickel local newspapers.

What You Need To Know About Data Entry Jobs?

In the money-making business industry, data entry jobs have been loosely described as different things including:

Filling out paid survey forms – You can check out my review on Paid Surveys here, don’t get scammed!
Filling out advertisement forms on Google Pay Per Click to promote Clickbank affiliate programs (see my Section below on this because this is one of the more common ones)
Getting paid to type your opinion (somewhat like Paid Surveys but with a twist). The twist is sometimes you are getting paid to read emails and respond with an opinion on the email or the offer on the email.

Data Entry Jobs Use Google Pay Per Click and Clickbank (common)

Here’s the most common data entry job program, and what it’s all about. Many of these marketing companies who promote data entry programs tend to sell it under a “disguise” of being a legitimate 1980 type of data input job.

Here’s the TRUTH about data entry jobs…most of them are programs that teach you how to use advertising platforms like Google Adwords (pay per click) to promote digital information products on affiliate networks like Clickbank to make money online.

Again, what they are really selling you is an Affiliate Marketing ebook that shows you how to find over 10,000 different products to sell (in the Clickbank directory), where these companies pay you every 2 weeks (actually it’s only Clickbank that pays you), and to use Google Adwords to promote these programs — that’s where the TYPING comes in… because you’re typing advertisements. What do you call that??? Sneaky marketing tactic huh?… Biggest legitimate scam!

I bought a lot of the subscriptions before I discovered this was a “bait and switch” technique, I was pretty disappointed, but I still tried to make it work. But it’s hard to make anything work when you can’t even get an e-mail response to your questions from the so-called people you subscribed to! What a waste of time and resources. I would get so frustrated and just ask for a refund. What made me even more outraged was these scammer denied me of my refunds. Sure, I lost over a few hundred bucks on these types of programs in disguise, but I learned a few things about data entry jobs.

I wrote this review because I want to expose their wicked sneaky tricks. I don’t want other people to fall a prey as I did, so please I ask you to listen to me and follow my recommendations. I still do these data entry jobs till today, so you can join me if you really want to work from home successfully.

The Major Biggest Problems With the so-called Data Entry Jobs!

Affiliate Marketing Opportunity home mark up shadow02The owners of the so-called automated programs will promise you heaven on earth but, you expect to get some sort of system that automates the process for you, a point and click system, and you only end up getting only a list, and nothing more.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunity home mark up shadow02They use deceptive advertising to make you think that it’s a real data input job that companies are paying you to do, when in fact they’re affiliate programs.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunity home mark up shadow02It is very obvious that you need to spend more money in order to make money, but these program owners will never tell you that.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunity home mark up shadow02The programs were designed with little or no kind of detailed information, I repeat, very little, tiny detailed instructions. You’d be lost from the start. And these owners NEVER return e-mails because they are scams and fraud.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunity home mark up shadow02Another big problem with data entry jobs and programs is NOT the actual program itself, but the lack of honesty about what the programs truly are.

In most cases, like I mentioned above, they are affiliate and advertising programs, and using a play on words to trick you into thinking they are actual telecommuter jobs hired by thousands of companies, when that is NOT the truth.

Don’t get me wrong. You can make money with today data entry job programs, if you do it the proper way as I am doing now, I work from the comfort of my apartment building, my neighbors only see me when I want to pick up my morning papers.

Now you can get involved directly by doing the work yourself or you can decide to promote the job brokers web site that allows you earn commission on all sales. You can do this using the popular pay per click advertising (Google, Yahoo and MSN) to send that traffic to your affiliate links, where you can earn as high as a 75% commission on plenty of digital information products. It’s your choice but I do both PPC and actual works given to me directly from companies and individuals who wants their job done. You can refer to my home page for the links or check out the links below. Again some of them are paid while most are free.

The free ones only allow you to register for free as a member and get some jobs but you will pay when you get the desired data entry jobs. Simple! but dream come true.

Fortunately, I kept trying these programs until I found a few that actually worked. Sure, it cost me a fortune on these type of programs, but luckily by faith I stumbled upon the links to the actual ones that works. They have been in business since the early 90’s. They are 100% legitimate. You get to interact with actual companies and individuals searching for workers every single second.

I wrote into these companies to see if I would get a response and I did within the first 24 hours. I was extremely happy. I purchased some of their optional programs to see if they were any different, and they were. The free ones do not require any extra programs but the paid jobs do require the extra programs. In fact, these programs had so many different extra ideas and techniques that can show even the newbie how to make an extra $100-$300 a day with data entry jobs.

With that said, there are only a few data entry jobs (programs) that I can honestly recommend. Everything else I’ve tested were pretty shady and I hope to help you avoid them. Please take your time to subscribe to these programs and have it in mind that you can get your money back if it does not fit your budget.

I’ll start from the cheapest to the most expensive programs. You can always contact me if there should be any questions regarding this programs.

Engr. Prince Onaolapo Adeyemi



1. GoFreelance

Website: Visit GoFreelance Website
Price: $7.00 USD for the first 7 days
Then $39.95 USD for each 30 days
Guarantee: Yes, 7 day money-back guarantee
Format: Online member’s area
Earnings Potential:
Success Rate: 10/10
Ease of Use: 9.5/10

Review: While doing my usual investigative research on data entry sites, I accidentally stumbled upon GoFreelance, which is one of the most refreshing twists on data entry programs I’ve seen in a long time. It’s not like the typical data entry sites, but I’ll tell you one thing — it’s really easy! In a nutshell, you are paid to write small articles from home for companies on a variety of very common and interesting topics. Topics include travel, foods and dining, sports and recreation, home and garden, arts and entertainment, business, computers, relationships, book reviews, and ANY topic you can think of.

The requirement is that you have an internet connection and can understand basic English, you’ll be perfect for the job! And if you’re not a writer, don’t worry. Many of the articles are only a few sentences in length and if you can write basic English, “you’re hired”.

You don’t need a college degree, and heck…you don’t even need your high school degree or a GED, because these companies don’t require it. As long as you can write (just like you speak) on topics of your choice, you can get paid for it. I don’t know an easier task like this one where you can stay at home and write a few paragraphs, submit it, and get paid. I did a couple of write-ups at Starbucks at my leisure time while seeping through my Starbucks coffee.

Here’s an example of an article my friend wrote in 10 minutes and got paid $18 for it….


If you are planning to vacation in Hawaii on the Island of Maui, then you’re probably looking for a cool place to stay while you’re there. Maui bed and breakfast spots are a great choice for you to explore. There are many ideal accommodations and dining opportunities in Maui for your next vacation. Most of the Maui bed and breakfast places are available right along the beachfront, making your stay even more “tropical”. The list below contain some of the most popular and kickback B&B resorts that Maui has to offer:

• Over Yonder
• Maui What a Wonderful World Bed and Breakfast
• Maui Eva Villa Vacation and B&B Rentals
• Penny’s Place Inn Paradise
• Garden Gate
• Heavenly Hana Inn
• Aloha Cottage
• Hale Ho’okipa Bed and Breakfast

If this is going to be your first time in Maui, it is highly recommended that you ask your B&B conceirge to help you plan your fun activities during the day. It’s worth it, and they can certainly save you a ton of money. There are lots of things you may want to consider doing like:

– Mountain Bike excursion
– Snorkling
– Kayaking with a guide along the coastline
– Eating at Mama’s Fish House
– and many more (ask your conceirge)

And when you return from your trip with your newfound Hawaiian tan, there will be no doubt that you had yourself an enjoyable experience.


How did he come up with that topic? It was simple. He opened up a travel magazine he had lying on his coffee table and read this 3 page article. So what he did was summarize it into 5 paragraphs as you can see above, and submitted it. Within a matter of 10 minutes of work, I got paid $18 for this. Now I know one article doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but I can crank out about 20 of these a day.

I came up with another interesting way to make even more money from this my friend tactics. Here’s how. I hired a few of my retired friends to write summary articles for me and pay them $5 – $8 per article they write for me. Then I submitted them to the companies I’m writing for and they paid me between $12 and $25 per article. I got the difference and didn’t even have to work, maybe not much, at least I came up with the idea, that’s enough work. My next goal is to hire about 5 to 10 more friends to help me with these articles. Everyone WINS!

You have to sign up to get the contact to the companies that are hiring.

Visit GoFreelance now!

I will add more as I discover them.

Untill then it’s bye for now!


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