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Make Money Online From CPA – Cost Per Action

CPA in the digital marketing age stands for “Cost Per Action” and it is when someone is paid for an action resulting from a lead. CPA has been around for many years, but has become much more popular in recent years by mainstream marketers that saw the opportunity for profit.

When you’re marketing CPA offers, you don’t necessarily have to sell anything to get paid. Sometimes the action is simply signing up for a newsletter. For instance, if you’re making up advertisements for a product and a sale is made because of your advertisement, you’ll make money. CPA has become so popular because you can make money without having to actually make the sale yourself. Collecting leads such as names, email addresses and locations is the most effective way of marketing CPA offers. Becoming a marketer for CPA offers is easy, fast and can provide you with a lot of fun and money!

Cost per action is a means of controlling advertising spend. If you want to be sure that you’re not indiscriminately spending money on terms that aren’t driving business, CPA offers an opportunity to control ROI.

Cost Per Action marketing is used often by affiliates. Affiliates will pay for the Cost Per Action advertising and the company he works with will pay him a certain amount of money for each action of a visitor to his ad. The action paid for will be worked out between the company and the affiliate. This can be a great way for a company to generate leads because a visitor that is willing to sign up for more information could become a customer in the future.

Keyword research is a fundamental part of achieving pay-per-click and search engine optimization success when running CPA offers.  Keyword research is a difficult process. Understanding how to do keyword research and recognize what keywords are worth your focus is essential.  You should use this high performing keyword tool or this niche and keyword selection tool.

How Can You Make Money With CPA

The first step is to research on what people want using either of the keyword tools mentioned above.  Either this high performing keyword tool or this niche and keyword selection tool, you can decide to go the free route by using the Google keyword tool.  Either way, you’ll get the precise information on what people want.  I recommend you to use the second keyword tool.

STEP 1:  Sign up with a CPA network here

STEP 2:  Browse and see which one of the offers on the network has the highest click through rate -CTR.  The picture below this content is one of the high paying offers with a high CTR.  As a very good example, If you click on the picture, it will take you to a sign-up page to sign up for an offer, and I get paid when you sign up.  Simple!  It’s not always like this, but for the most the potential client only has to sign up once for you to get paid.  Some other forms of CPA only pays you when people sign up on the second page, not the first page.



STEP 3:  Insert the landing page on the keyword tool so as to harvest the active keywords and know which one of them is worth your time.  I used the Google Adwords keyword tool.  Check out the screen shot below:

CPA Step 3 action

 Again, a very good network that pays very well for CPA actions is, and Peerfly.

STEP 4:  Download the keywords that are shown on the screen and go here.  You will use the harvested keywords from the Google AdWords tool to start you online campaign with as little as $25.  Head over the advertising agency here.  Sign up as an advertiser, not as a publisher and start preparing your high CTR campaigns.  A screenshot of the advertising network dashboard is shown below.

Your dashboard will look like the screenshot below.

7Search Dashboard


STEP 5:  Prepare your campaign as shown below

Click on “Create Campaign” at the top left corner

Campaign 1

STEP 6:  Remember the keywords you harvested and downloaded from Google AdWords keyword tool? Use one of those high ranking keywords as the title line.  Check out the screen shot below:

 Your new campaign

Set you daily limited to $5 or $10 depending on how much money you are willing to make from the campaign.  Moreso, it is always a good idea to start small and then go big.  Make sure you set the “Target your customers by geographic location” to a specific country that your CPA advertiser allows.  Don’t waste you clicks on the country that your advertiser do not approve of.  Make sure you read the terms of condition for the advertiser very well before you start with this PPC project.

STEP 7: Review your advertisement regularly

Once your domain is up and running, make sure you check on the campaign regularly to find out whic one of them is performing greatly.  Continue to add and remove keywords as you desire.  Remember the choice of keyword tools are Wordtracker, Niche Mania, and maybe Google AdWords tools.

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