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It’s important to come up with the kind of blog you want to write. Do you want to write about your travels? Do you simply want to churn out daily personal anecdotes that are amusing to read? This is where you should start planning. Although I’m a big proponent of writing whatever you want, I understand that you have to consider why you are writing this thing.

If you are wanting to just spout out your ideas to the world, then by all means write your anecdotes. However, if you want to eventually be recognized for what you do, you may want to take into consideration the kind of topic you are writing about. Granted, your personal stories might be what you want to be recognized for, but just make sure that you have a goal in mind.

Understand – once your content is public, it’s owned by your community of readers (unless you limit access through the use of password protection.) On the Internet, your blog is a public record that lives forever (or at least until the software disappears or is sold.) Lastly, blogs provide for engagement through their comments (if you allow them.)

Personal blogs, like professional and business blogs, require some thought before you jump in and start throwing words on the screen if you don’t want your blog to be a flash-in-the-pan. Not that long ago, “blogging” wasn’t even a word. Now, people are making a living from publishing content to the web. But experts say earning a paycheck from blogging takes a lot more work than picking out a quirky name and making daily posts—but that’s part of it.

I sometimes wonder about the distinction between diaries, journals and blogs, words which are sometimes used interchangeably. All three refer to a form of personal or individualized writings. In my opinion, a diary is a more old-fashioned term used when us baby boomers were teens. Diaries are often dated, chronological recaps of what happened during the course of a day. The term is derived from the Latin word “diarium” or daily allowance. A classic example of a diary is The Diary of Anne Frank, a personal book holding deep secrets and feelings.

A journal is a type of diary where an individual documents events but it’s not necessarily opened every day. Some people have journals for different reasons — for travel, for gratitude, for book discussion or a combination of all these things. Like I mentioned, mine is a like a collage.

A blog is a public and even communal forum of the diary or journal. It is a “web log,” which is where the term originates. Some bloggers document and comment on their own daily events, while others might blog less frequently and address issues of broad interest.

If you write a blog or are considering starting one, it is a good idea keep a journal. The journal can be a storehouse of ideas to possibly share on your blog. Much like most personal writing, such as a memoir, it is important for a blog to have a theme or focus, which will be of interest to a larger audience, instead of just those who know you and are interested in your personal musings.

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