Business Blogging

Business Blogging

Just because you decide to blog doesn’t mean you have to write everything. Enlist employees, vendors, and others from businesses with which you deal. Guest bloggers can really do a good job of easing the burden. With social media, assign some of the duties to a trusted and well trained employee. Breaking up the tasks will free up more of your time.  The blogging, social media, and marketing are all a part of your job. Sure you might really be in the business of manufacturing a product, selling something, or delivering a service, but that’s not all you do. The marketing of those products and services is also a part of your job. It’s not just something you do in your free time, if you have any. It’s an important part of your job that must be done.

You always want to incorporate your own data and graphs specific to the topic, versus a stock photo inserted just for the purpose of having a photo. You can also use watermarks with your business name or URL on your images. If they do get embedded or the names changed, your brand will still be there.  Understand what terms people are using to find local businesses in your area and in your industry before you start your business blog.

Create a content calendar. Know what you will write about and who will write it. Remember that sometimes you will have to create a blog ‘ad-hoc’ depending on what’s happening in your industry. And it depends on the type of blog as to how often you should be blogging.

You talk about your business all day every day so this is just an extension of that. But if you’re blogging just to create new content, people will soon realize that they’re getting limited value from your blog.

So, you’re running out of excuses! Next time someone asks why you haven’t got a blog, at least now you can say that you have a plan! Put this plan into action and kick-start your business blog today.




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