A not-so-focused college student sitting in his dorm room, thinking and staring at jars of collected change, comes up with an idea and a home business was born: Coinstar!

Literally door to door, Jens Molbak started a survey – targeting grocery store shoppers, asking how many had loose change collecting and lying around. The inconvenience of counting, and rolling, and lugging the heavy money to the bank wasn’t enough to make people want to turn it into cash. Thus, the concept of a simple machine that could sort and count your change was brewing.

With the help of college friends, they built a machine that was ready for testing in 1992. Three others followed it and all were placed in supermarkets in San Francisco. Taking any coin size (not foreign), the machine would count the dumped change and print the total amount on a ticket to be cashed in at the cashier. The popularity put Coinstar as one of the fastest growing companies in 1992. This home based business was a sure success.

Now worldwide, 19,000 machines are available in convenient locations. Gift cards may be exchanged for that loose change, and one may even make a charitable contribution! Helping non-profits across the world, Coinstar is a help to everyday shoppers and to those who need it the most.

The success took three years to turn into a multi-billion dollar company, and that was 20 years ago. Molbaks research and marketing is now old dinosaur tactics. Imagine if Jens Molbak had the tools of the internet of today, how fast could he have developed Coinstar?

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Placing yourself, your product, or your service in the path of buyers and potential buyers can be done with the internet, and with ease – if you know how to use IT. Coinstar, with today’s internet, could have become a multi-billion dollar company much faster than it did.

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