Google is tops when it comes to generating massive amounts of free traffic to your website – this is something every Internet marketer knows or learns quickly. Improving the crawl rate of your site is another great way to get even more free visitors from the Google beast. Some sites are crawled every other day, while the others don’t see the bots visiting for weeks together. Whatever be the case, increasing the crawl rate of your site should definitely be on your list, because that’s how you make your site more appealing to Google.

If your website has any images, then you should take out the time to optimize them effectively. Sites that have images will take a big hit by not having images that are optimized properly for better search engine performance. Failing to do this can mean that your website will have a crawl rate that isn’t quite as fast as you need it to be to succeed. But the real question is how to get that improved crawl rate. Some of the things you can do in order to make your images more appealing to search engine crawlers include things like properly resizing your images, placing relevant keywords in the file name of the images, and using captions that are likely to attract attention from the search engines. Taking these simple steps will help you optimize your site’s images more effectively, which will in turn contribute to your SEO efforts and increase the crawl rate of your website. Taking the time to interlink related pages on your website will net you two big benefits: more frequent crawling from search engines and higher page ranking in them as well. Google really likes to see pages on a website that are interlinked. Google sees this differently than you might expect because they view it as a sign that your site is taking extra steps to deliver quality content and help your viewers have easy access to all of it. Just be sure that you take your time and make sure your links lead to pages and material that is relevant and not just any old page on your site the feels a bit neglected.

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Make sure you’re monitoring the Google crawl rate of your site by using the Google Webmasters Tools. This tool will tell you a lot more than just the crawl rates and can be used to judge the performance of your site as well as where there is room for improvement. Using such simple tools you will be able to gain an upper hand and get an edge over the competition when it comes to improving your relationship with the big G. It’s not even difficult to maintain your sites position in Google’s good graces once you’ve achieved the crawl rates you’re looking for. Sites that are frequently updated also tend to receive more search engine traffic and crawls so keep that in mind. Increasing your overall traffic will be a simple matter once you develop a habit of following all the steps above. It isn’t hard at all to follow these great tips once you get started.

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