Have you ever noticed that certain affiliates within programs like Global Domains and Empower Network are able to stand out as ‘leaders’ while countless others fail to make any headway? Learning how to make money online is not the ten minute hobby it is often made out to be, and in order to succeed you will need to dedicate some time to learning the most effective advertising methods. The first of which is attraction marketing.

The majority of people using affiliate programs or trying to create their own company from a ground level have very little idea what attraction marketing involves. It’s actually very simple. [

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For example, how valuable would it be if if you had a single tool which could help you to laser target your ideal client? How about a tool which helped you to weed out those who aren’t genuinely serious? Almost everybody who has an interest in owning their own business would desire something which could do these two things.

The fact is most people waste their time trying to stumble across a system or a lean capture funnel which is going to do all of the hard work for them, they actually miss the real answer amid all the hype. The convince themselves that there must be a big secret formula to reach success, but the truth is the most successful home business empires are often the ones which are also the most simple.

The first step to managing your attraction marketing effectively comes in writing down your ideal client. Who are you looking for as a customer? If you are an affiliate marketer, ask yourself who you are looking for in a business partner. Most people, particularly affiliates, are so caught up in building their team that they forget to target their efforts towards building it with the right kind of people.

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The best way to laser target your clients is to focus your efforts on attracting them towards you. Once you have established who you are looking to work with, you need to think like they do. What are they looking for? If you present your business as a get rich quick scheme you will inevitably attract only freeloaders. If you tell your story as a parent trying to make a secondary income you will tend to strike up a connection with others who are doing the same thing. This is how attraction marketing works.

By presenting yourself in a serious manner and making it clear that you will not tolerate time wasters, you will go a very long way to succeeding in your chosen opportunity.

When you take pride in what you do and you cut out the hype, you will notice an immediate change in the type of client who is attracted to the prospect of working with you. If you are a small business owner or a budding entrepreneur then it is definitely in your best interests to start treating your own opportunity with the serious attitude you expect others to view it with.

While every home business has it’s own issues and problems to deal with, this is a common problem which is associated with the entire industry in general. Opportunities such as Mary Kay and Empower Network might seem very different from the outset but some of the issues which plague them, like this one, are the same. Learning how to make money online becomes a process of simple elimination when you spend time focusing on the basic principles of business.

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