How I Got Started Online

How I Got Started Online

how_I_got_started_making_money_onlineHow I got started online? I simply followed the five pillars of trust.  Authority, Explanations, Simplicity, Follow-up, Security.  Hello, my name is Onaolapo Adeyemi, author of How to Create and Sell Websites Online for Profit, and How to Make Money Online From Anywhere in The World. was my first stop, that was where I made my first sale way back in 2004.   Auctioning kinds of stuff were kind of the “thing” back then.  I auctioned different kinds of stuff that I purchased from storage at very low prices.  As time goes by I decided to buy new stuff to resell.  I didn’t make much money selling new stuff because of the profit margin.  Aside from the profit margin, there was a lot of fraud on targeted towards sellers so I decided to take a break and find another means of making money online.

I read about AdSense on Google and how I could use the program to monetize my Website.  The early trials were introduced around June 2003.  I immediately registered and joined Google AdSense.  AdSense made me some money, but not as much because I did not really understand the technique that drives the traffic to sites that much.  It was very rough working with limited funds, and tight schedule.  To make it online, you need the right mentality and the right kind of people to support your every move.  I started searching online for a mentor.  I read a book written by a Canadian marketer, James Martell – Author of Online Success for NON-TECHIES – How to Take Your Business, Hobby or Profession to the Internet, and it changed my life forever.  That was the beginning of my internet career.  What I learned from that book changed my perception towards making money on the internet forever.  I still refer my students to read that book to date.  I personally believe the book should win an “Evergreen Award”.

A few months later,  armed with what James Martell had explained in his book, I started working on my “affiliate marketing” skills when I stumbled upon a Web site called AssociatePrograms.Com by Allan Gardyne.  I learned a lot from this Australian author as well.  I believe he is now retired from affiliate marketing.  After my first dollar from affiliate marketing, I decided to continue digging and I found another cool guy called Mark Ling who owns Affilorama.  I learned a lot from him as well.

From that point forward, it was all about my own invention.  I learned how to create a product from scratch and marketed it on different digital platforms.  Below are the steps that I took to change my life for good permanently.  I created a product from niche research, to building a marketing funnel, to launching the product and selling it through affiliates on Clickbank.

I went further to create a membership course based on my success.  Check out the courses here.  From there, everything fell into place.  If I can do it, so could you.  At this point, I hope I have been able to motivate you.  Remember that knowledge is power.  You should never stop learning.  I will share all of my tools with you and how I work them to earn recurring income online.  You can simply replicate the process and say goodbye to unemployment.  It’s great to have you on my Web site.  I would love to hear your own story.  Leave me a comment message below.  Once again, welcome on board and see you on the inside.

To your success

Onaolapo Adeyemi





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