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All You Need

My wish is that more people will realize their inner potential. If you don’t like your situation, change it. If you don’t make enough money, learn how to make more. If you’re uneducated, educate yourself. You don’t need a fancy degree to be a success in this country, or any other country;  and you certainly don’t need to rely on a company you despise.  You have the ability to better yourself, now go do it!

In the world of today, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection to change your situation positively through online business.  There are several factors to consider in life.  Below are some of the fundamentals for Success I was able to pull from different sites and learned from different people in life.

– Start a business

My dad, who has been self-employed almost all his life, used to tell me that “Only jerks work for jerks.” Working for someone else puts you at their mercy and subjects you to their whims — and often their poor management skills. Not only that, but the profit of your labor goes into their pockets.

– Organize and maintain a group

What makes you passionate? Chances are, being around other people who are passionate about the same thing would make you even more passionate about it. Often the only thing keeping you and them from coming together is that nobody’s put out a sign saying “Come and talk!” Getting a group going is a tremendous challenge, and very often the personality of the founder leaves a tremendous mark on the group as a whole. Seeing a group grow and take off can be tremendously awarding — but even failing can teach you important things about leadership.

– Try to Volunteer

I don’t mean spend Thanksgiving at a soup kitchen, though that can often be challenging enough. What I mean, though, is to make a long-term investment in your community by joining school committees, donating three hours a week in a shelter, hosting a monthly read-along at the library, tutoring at-risk children after school, teaching adult literacy classes at a local prison, or any of a million ways to play a role in the lives of people who need you. Perhaps the most pressing need in our society is for people to take an interest in and engage with their communities.

– Take an active role in your family’s’ activities

Pick one thing your child does and commit yourself to it. Coach their team, become a Brownie leader, spend a weekend day in the workshop with them, buy a bike and ride along with them — make their passions your own.  Don’t crowd them — especially if you have teenagers — but show them that you value something they do by giving them your time and interest.  Make the decision to have a family, which means to give of yourself fully to another person or several people. Risk being vulnerable by sharing your fears, quirks, and failures with someone else; you might find it makes you stronger than ever before.

This transcends marriage and parenthood. There are lots of people who can’t marry because the law prevents it. There are people who can’t have children. These are not the essential ingredients of family. The essential ingredients are love, mutual respect, trust, and open giving. Find (or make) someone you can share that with.

– Write a book

It feels really, really good to see your name on a book cover, but it feels even better to know that someone, somewhere, might find his or her life changed by something you’ve written. Share your particular expertise, whether it’s story-telling or woodworking, with the world — or just your family. Time isn’t the big issue (though it is an issue — don’t let the positive thinkists tell you otherwise!) but if you commit yourself to a page a day — a couple hundred words — within a year you’ll have a pretty decent-sized manuscript. That’s something to work with!

– Learn something new like art and craft

Take painting lessons, a pottery workshop, a music class, whatever — learn to express yourself and you might find a self worth expressing. Don’t settle for being a “Sunday painter” — devote yourself to an art and master it.

– Become part of something great in your community

The world needs smart, dedicated, and upright people to take care of all the fiddly details of making things run. As it happens, running for local office isn’t as challenging as you’d think (which isn’t to say it’s easy) — Michael Moore, the filmmaker, ran for school board while he was still in high school. Just for kicks. And won! It’s fine to have your heart set on the White House or Capital Hill, but try your hand at city councilperson, county registrar, or something closer to home first. And be clean — run for the experience of putting your community on a better path, and not for the power.

– Take up a sport

Enough with the working out already! Sure, you want to be healthy, but the whole treadmill-running, iPod-listening, 45-minutes-after-work thing is a little anti-social, don’t you think? OK, you want some solitude once in a while — fine. But at least add a sport, something you do with other people. You’ll be spending time interacting with others, while also developing team-building and leadership skills. And, you might learn something from your fellow players.

– Set a realistic goal!  Push yourself and achieve it!

The nine tips above are only a handful of ideas about how to make your life better. Maybe you want to record an album, climb a mountain, make the Hajj (the pilgrimage to Mecca), see 20 countries — don’t just settle for tiny goals, push yourself all the way to the edge and figure out how to make the craziest thing you can think of happen. Yes, you’ll have to learn a lot along the way, and plan months or even years in advance — that’s what makes outlandish goals worthwhile

– Never Stop Learning

We can learn from other people, especially difficult ones – they are like angels sent from heaven to teach us about ourselves. We can learn from the things happening around us. And most of all, we can learn by watching ourselves, seeing how we react and reflecting deeply on what moves us.

– Don’t Let Fear Stop You!

Whenever we grow, there is fear. Whenever we do something new, there is fear. Whenever we push ourselves to new heights or expand our comfort zone, there is fear. This is the nature of life. Life is always moving – either we are moving forward, growing, or we are moving back, dying. We have a choice – we can either grow or we can die. Growth and fear go hand in hand. It’s part of a package, and if we fail to embrace the whole package, we will die.

Don’t fear failure – failure is inevitable and necessary. Look at the life of any successful person and you will see a litany of failure. This failure is the foundation of success, so long as we learn from it.

Above are just some of the things that can potentially motivate you to become someone in life as well as become successful.  Stick to it and practice it.

If you’re among the millions of people looking for a profitable, reliable home-based business opportunity, you’ll be happy to know that your search is over, once you have browsed your way to this page.  As part of the booming different kinds of online business, including affiliate marketing industry, you have the chance to make a fabulous living right from your home computer. The only other thing you need is an Internet connection.

Affiliate programs are basically a network that allows website owners to make money selling products and services online. In short, you, the website owner, are partnered with merchant websites. Your goal is to direct customers to that company’s website and cash in on commissions applied to each sale.

If you need a little proof, ask James Martell, or Jimmy Washington.  After years of working the nine to five daily grind, these guys were determined to spend more time with their family and become financially secure.  They looked to the web and discovered affiliate marketing, drastically changing their lives and the lives of their family members for the better.  Since that time, Jimmy Washington developed an 8-step system proven to bring you success in this exciting new industry.

So, maybe you’re fed up with the daily grind that chips away at your family time. Perhaps you’re just looking for a lucrative way to earn money from a home-based business. Or, maybe both of these statements ring true for you. If you’re nodding ‘yes,’ affiliate marketing is for you!  There are very few people who associate their careers with fun and you may be among the many people who do not.

Time for a change?

Instead of enduring the fears of corporate downsizing, an ever-changing workplace or an overbearing boss, you have the opportunity to become you own boss. You will set your own demands based on your schedule and your pace. To top it off, you can do all of this from home.

In fact, even students are making money with affiliate marketing programs. Using Martell’s handbook, they learn exactly how to make their websites profitable by posting product links and earning commission from each sale they generate! After all, the distributors of these products and services are willing to pay good money for increased sales.

Even if you do not already have a website, you can still practice affiliate marketing and build your own money machine in virtually no time at all.  The affiliate marketing business can change your life and your family with very little capital investment. There are no start-up fees or risks other than some incidental costs (domain name registration – $15, website template – $75, training manual – $197, etc.). Just remember, more time with your family and less stress from a draining work schedule is priceless!

So, get ready to say goodbye to the over demanding boss, tedious commute and tiresome work schedule. Your home computer and the Internet are all you need to become part of a lucrative affiliate program.  If you can imagine it and are willing to put in a little effort, you will achieve it. You can create multiple websites and establish numerous affiliate connections, which translates to financial success.


About the Author

Onaolapo Gbogboade Adeyemi enjoys the freedom of being his own boss and setting his own schedule. 



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There is no guarantee nor promise implied that any individual that uses this research or article will get the same result as intended, if at all.   Each and every person/ individual are unique in their own personality and cannot be compared against each success, in order to get the desired researched, practiced and implemented result.  For this reason, you are advised to seek the professional opinion in reference to personal finances and specific actions.  In simple language, consult with your individual appropriate professional to ensure proper and precise evaluation before taking any action.

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